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Do you problem with your Computer? Is it a PC or a Mac. We can help you solve the problems. We also deal with wifi or wire network. issues. And we speak Spanish

*Diagnostics include complete systems check to determine what is wrong with the system and provide recommendations. *A non re fundable fee of $20 is applied to any work done as result of the diagnostics.

    Data Recovery — : $150
    Virus/Mal-ware Removal — : $150
    Operating System Re-install — : $100
    *Services at Home — : $75
Remote Support — : $50

*In most cases it is better to bring your system to me where I can better diagnose the issue with my equipment. There are times when someone would rather not have to bring their system in these services at house will require a $75 surcharge.

 February 18, 2017

Service @ Home

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With a professional and attentive demeanor we offer services at home. We can help you with your problem and repair it while orienting you on how to avoid these problems in the future.

I hope I can help you soon.

February 18, 2017

About Me

Mr. Technician, Graduate of University of Turabo w/a Bachelor in Information System I have 13 yrs experience in Information Technology. I understand that not everyone has a technician who speaks their own language, so I decided to set up this small business to give an honest and professional English/Spanish service. Learn more...

Remote Support


Problems with the computer ... We are here to help.


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